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QUESTION 2: I am looking for practical examples. Which ones are there?

Are you looking for practical examples? We selected some for you. On the right hand side you will find examples from practice of organisations making use of Theory of Change thinking, or a Theory of Change approach.


Hivos Green Entrepreneurship 2013

The Green Entrepreneurship programme (GE) envisages a world where people have the power to make autonomous choices and own their successes. The report discusses the programme mission and strategies for change, as well as discussing the encouraging results. The report dates from 2013.


Feminist Movement Building JASS

JASS (Just Associates) is an international community of activists, scholars, and popular educators grounded in local and national action in more than 27 countries, working to strengthen and leverage the voice, visibility, and collective organizing power of women to create a just world. JASS is a longtime Hivos partner, the cooperation focuses on Feminist Movement Building. You will find a powerpoint containing information on JASS Theory of Change. The powerpoint dates from 2011.


Citizen Agency in East Africa Twaweza

Twaweza, meaning “we can make it happen” in Swahili, is a ten year initiative that seeks to enable people in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to improve their quality of life through a citizen-centred approach to development and public accountability. The initiative is hosted by Hivos. The document contains information on Twaweza's Theory of Change. The document dates from 2011.


Creating Change in Agricultural Networks – AgriProFocus

AgriProFocus is a network that offers a central ‘marketplace’ where organisations, professionals, resources and knowledge come together. Professionals that make up the network decide to cooperate in one of the AgriHubs or on one of several knowledge themes. The AgriHubs are local networks set up in nine African countries, which provide multiactor arenas in support of entrepreneurship. A constant flow of information and power to connect is at their heart. The visual Toc shows how the hubs are expected to contribute to effective market uptake, which ultimately will improve farmer enterprise performance. The visual dates from 2012.


Decent work for women Women@Work

Women@Work is a Hivos campaign aimed at the enforcement of the right to decent work for all women who work in (in)formal economies under poor working conditions and unequal pay. The campaign focuses in particular on the position of women working in production processes for the Dutch/European market. On the right you you can view the visual Theory of Change of Women@Work. The visual dates from 2012.