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This portal presents current thinking and work on the use of Theory of Change (ToC) thinking in complex change processes.

Origins of the Theory of Change Portal

Its origins lie in the work initiated by Hivos since 2007 on the use of ToC. In 2010, Hivos started an action learning process with a group of external experts to further explore and learn about the use of ToC in practice (see the box below). The Centre of Development Innovation (CDI) was part of this process. With ToC becoming an increasingly important element in our work, this portal aims to not only act as a database of new and interesting ToC related work, but also to stimulate shared learning and discussion. 

Between 2010 and 2014 the Hivos ToC action-learning group worked with a core group composed of:

Marjan van Es, Karel Chambille and Jappe Kok (Hivos),
Iñigo Retolaza Eguren (independent practitioner),
Jan Brouwers and Simone van Vugt (CDI),
Irene Guijt (Learning by Design).
Other experts who participated in parts of the group’s learning trajectory were Sue Soal (CDRA), Hettie Walters (ICCO), Esther Koopmanschap (CDI) and Isabel Vogel (independent practitioner).

The Hivos ToC learning group and its process ended December 2014. The results of the process and resources from the Hivos ToC Resource Portal will remain available through in the CDI portal.

A link to Hivos ToC Policy brief can be found here (

Overview of the Theory of Change Portal


Here we explain the origins of this ToC portal, the members of the action-learning group and the contents of the portal.


The topics sessions gives an overview of different processes aligned with THeory of Change work. It discusses
- What ToC is about?
- How to recognize good quality ToC
- The difference between ToC, logframe and Theory of Action
- How to use ToC in programme design and planning
- How to use ToC in monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
- Critique on ToC


The resource section is where you can find relevant articles, blogs, videos, guidelines on Theory of Change.

How to

Finally, the how to section focuses on the processes and capacities needed to make full use of the different possibilities of ToC. It gives an overview of existing tools and methods that will help you facilitate ToC processes and help build ToC capacities.

For more information on the content of this website or Theory of Change in general, please contact:


For more information on the content of this website or Theory of Change in general, please contact: